Asulado: By your side

I never really knew I had passion for pregnancy or birth until I started getting closer to that stage in my life. There was always some curiosity in me that it could be different from some of the stories you hear of fear, of struggle, the feeling alone or stressed or angry that your life been taken away. My mom was different from that: she had had 9 kids and loved being a mom, but even more incredible than that– she had had 5 cesarean births and then had 4 natural births AFTER that, which I’m pretty sure needs to be recorded with the Guinness world record.

And then I had this friend. She was different in the way she would talk of the beauty of pregnancy and motherhood, and she inspired me. She infused a hope that it could be different, that it could be an amazing spiritual experience to walk through this change in life. And I knew I wanted that. Upon getting pregnant myself, that was my aim: to embrace and enjoy every bit of change through this stage and to be transformed by it.

Looking back at pregnancy and the beginning of being a mom, I almost see it as a caterpillar in its whole metamorphosis of transforming into a butterfly because really, as any mom will tell you, there’s a distinct before and after once you become a mom, and suddenly your life has become divided into two different stages. Because it’s like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. It’s beauty, pain, ecstasy, amazing joy; it’s being overwhelmed and engulfed into such extremes.

And because of this, I think the two most important things about this part of life for us as women is 1) to have other women who walk beside us…women who can say, “Yep, I’ve been there,” and who can offer unconditional love and support. And 2) to know, to know, to know! We need to know our choices and rights, and our power as women. I believe there has been a theft from women in our day of their knowledge of their instincts and intuition as mothers…we have started leaving this area of life up to the “professionals” rather than learning alongside other women!

I guess that’s why this ministry was birthed into my heart…because I wanted to be that for more women…and open up the chance for other women to be that. I hope to see other women being this for their fellow moms. My desire is to empower as many women as possible, to equip, inspire, and to show how God’s love is not only fatherly, but motherly as well; to make way for God to heal women’s hearts, and therefore see children experience His love in a greater way.



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  1. June 23, 2016 at 9:17 pm

    So beautifully written and shared. Yes! Birth has the power to transform! Yes! Women are strong! Yes! We deserve good births! Its our gift to ourselves, to our children and to other women to support them on their own journey, wherever it may lead. May you continue to embrace your inspired, God-given gift and make beautiful ripples in the lives of women around you and so on and so on.

    God bless,


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