Homes of Hope is a ministry focused on reaching and helping people in desperate situations to bring hope and dignity. Building houses in a period of four days, we seek to provide them with a dignified house and a refuge for their family, all with the final goal being that they would know Christ, who brings transformation to their minds and to their lives.







Several years ago, while serving with Youth with a Mission, Mazatlan (or Ywam), Edgar and Amber Morales sensed God calling them to begin working with communities in extreme poverty, and in 2006 they began building homes for families with the desire of showing God’s love in a practical way. Without really knowing anything of construction, they jumped into the house building, confident at least that it was what God was calling them to do, and learning the art of it as they went. They had the privilege of being a part of 180 homes built in Mazatlan, and of seeing how powerful the love of God really is as people experienced it through something as tangible as these little houses.


A few years ago, God called Edgar and Amber to pioneer a Ywam base in my hometown of Durango, and after training up a team to continue the work they had started in Mazatlan, they moved in the fall of 2015. Both felt that they were supposed to continue in the same mission of building homes, wanting to start with what they already had in our hands. But also with that same experience, they felt they should make a few improvements. The difference of weather between Mazatlan and Durango caused them to change the whole system of construction in order to provide more protection from the extreme temperatures, and they also felt that if they were able to add plumbing and a bathroom to the house, they could provide more dignity to the families involved.

Our dream is to see families and communities transformed in a holistic manner, however, we realize that a house is just a small part in that. We know that the first step in seeing change must be God entering their lives and bringing a transformation in their mentality to free them from blindness, and bring an understanding of how to walk in that freedom. Because of this, we work hand in hand with the local church with a goal of seeing greater discipleship and follow-up with the families, and we only work in one or two communities at a time in order to see a more focused effort and have the ability to continue the progress. One of the practices that we've changed, in alignment with the desire to give greater dignity to the families, is that we've placed a nominal price on the house, with the hope of seeing a stronger sense of ownership developed because of the effort they make.


In Latin America, households need 5.4 times their annual income to buy a house – Source: AHS


50-75% of family dwellings are owner built – Source: JCHS Harvard University


30% of all dwellings are made with rubbish – Source: INEGII


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