Get involved with Homes of Hope and provide adequate housing for needy families. The vision is not only to build a home for a family in need, but to also lay a foundation in their lives for God to further build upon. Bring your family, church group, outreach team, or work group and give back in a tangible way.

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Interested in missions, but not sure where to begin? Consider a season volunteering at Ywam Durango as a mission builder. As a mission builder, you'll get a taste of the missions experience, serving and helping in the various ministries of Ywam Durango, all while experiencing Mexican culture, cuisine, and language.

Volunteer as a Mission Builder


Team up with Ywam Durango for your next short-term mission trip and get involved in the various ministries in Durango with your outreach or church team. Let us custom design your team’s mission experience. Our staff will work with you to give you a tailored outreach depending on the needs/wants of your team.

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If you've completed your Ywam DTS, you're ready for a longer commitment to missions in Mexico, and you have a vision, passion, and a calling for Mexico, consider joining us in Ywam Durango. Get involved in ministry while continuing to develop deep relationships with God, the family community of Ywam Durango, and the local church.

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